Palm Springs

Its amazing how much sunshine and alcohol eight girls can absorb in a 24 hour period. I truthfully am shocked and proud of this past Tuesday. One would think that starting the venture in morning traffic would put a damper on a young girls soul- but not in this boat. It took less than two hours for us to be bikini ready and pool side in Palms Springs from exiting our West Hollywood homes. After soaking in many cocktails and UV rays; hitting the small town was our only option. Dinner turned to drinks and we managed to reek havoc in the streets- ending our night with a bang by being escorted out of the only night club in town. True story. I woke the next morning in my boxers and only concern was how I managed to change into my pj’s and how I lost one of my eye contacts.
We left Palms springs with smiles on our faces and wove only one finger good bye.



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