Vegas- One Night

On the way to LAX with a friend to pick up another friend, turned to me buying a last minute ticket to Vegas for a one night wonder. I’ve been countless times, but going with only my purse was a first for me. Hard Rock gift shop supplied me with a dress- my bestie that lives in Vegas supplied me with the rest. Joining in on a 35 person bachelor party was pretty productive; from dinner at N9NE steak house to Moon, then over to XS- then being kicked out of XS, then ending our club journey back at Vanity in the Hard Rock. The party rolled back to the Pent house, just like the bowling balls down the one wood lane in the suite. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. The following morning was greeted with glasses of water and brunch. After a day in the bungalow at the F*** Me Im Famous party- I returned to the land of fame and fortune- or what I like to call- the land of fakes and facades.
“Hello Hollywood, did ya miss me?”



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