Risque Red Light Review

Amsterdam is so much more than the classic “coffee shop” experience. The opportunity to buy 20 different types of weed doesn’t light a candle to the opportunity of buying 20 different types of women- or more. Peering into the glass doors as I paced the canals of the red light district gave me a slight adrenalin rush. These women- so many women- were all there working. What a lively hood to tell the parentals back at home. Curiosity always kills me and I had to ask the price of the cutest butt-on on the block, she said 50 euros for 20 min. No need to explain the details- but that covers pretty much everything. I was shocked and intrigued. I had so many questions, unfortunately asking questions isn’t part of their practice. I took watch at a local dive bar, creeping on the patrons that walked these streets at 2 in the morning, and eager to see the way these woman interacted and solicited their specialties. Knocking on the glass and hand motions were most popular to attract attention, while others just sat on their stools, sweaty palms pressed up against their bodies while their eyes slowly rocked back and forth on the prey that passed them, looking for a good time. I could have watched this block all night, unfortunately it was last call and unless I wanted to cough up 50 euros- it was past time for me to leave.


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