Hop over to Hong Kong

March 11th, 2013

I cant believe its Monday already. I’m only sure of the date because we depart Hong Kong tomorrow. This trip has been amazing, the way everything fell into place was so seamless; Hong Kong especially. Our friend James happened to be here the 8-10th. Him getting us a great rate at the Grand Hyatt. We arrived so late Friday night our only option was to eat at the Grand Café. After that we went to another bar about 5/10min cab ride called Shore. It was surprisingly dead for a Friday night, but they did have an incredibly large cocktail menu.

Saturday we woke up just in time to miss the breakfast buffet. We walked through the Landmark Mall after our late breakfast. Then headed to the Peak. We got lucky and only had to wait in line for the tram about 25min. After taking the 45 degree angle tram ride up the hill for about 10min and then taking the 8 escalators we reached the actual “Peak”. The view was just how I had imagined- breathtaking. Looking over all of Hong Kong made me feel pretty insignificant. The millions bellow me made my life seem so out of focus. Like what am I doing? My life is such a blur. The streets move with such haste here. I don’t think I’ve ever moved as quickly as they do in my life. Looking out on to this metropolis just reminded me of how much is out there. Time permitting I could have stayed up there all day.

March 12th 2013

Its still technically the 12th, Although our plane left at 11pm. We have been flying for 10hrs, only have 2 more to go. This is a bitter sweet return. I definitely could have stayed in Asia longer. Thrown my responsibilities to the wind and stayed. Hopped over to Thailand and then onto Vietnam. Part of my soul wanted to stay and venture, soak in any and every part of another world.

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