Cruisin Puna


The only word to describe Puna weather is, “bipolar”. With a 50% chance of rain I couldn’t find a cloud in the sky. Still, I never take my sunshine for granted.

First thought this morning was “I should really brush my hair.” Second thought, “where is that banana bread mom bought at the market last night?” Before I could get in the first bite, Emilio was cruising up the driveway. A few minutes later, Holly, Emilio and I were Lower Puna bound, stopping in the small hippy town of Pahoa for beach essentials, subs, sodas and sunscreen, before continuing on.
Poihiki was the perfect chow down and hang out place on land or in the ocean. We grabbed a bench overlooking “Bowls”, the classic surf spot where I caught my first wave 11 years ago. (Side note: Rental cars are sometimes vandalized here, so I advise you go with a local.)




Made our way to First Bay by foot. I snapped a shot of a couple fishermen hauling in a crate of sea urchins before we hopped into the water near the boat ramp. If there were a hand in the pic you’d gauge these to be some of the largest sea urchins I’ve ever seen!





We hit up the Millionaire’s Warm Pond after our cooling swim. What used to be private property requiring midnight sneak-ins was bought by the county and is now tourist friendly with its expanded parking lot and two new gazebos.
The sun already high (along with Holly and Emilio) we continued down the red road to Kalapana. Got some BBQ chicken from the only day-vendor at Uncle Robert’s, the same spot we enjoyed the market the night before. It was “ono”- hawaiian for “gooood”. Cracked our last couple beers and chilled. The rest of our day may have gone differently if only that tiki bar had been open…





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  1. Aaron

    Your photos look great. Your content is solid. Keep rockin it! You are the best …. )'(

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