Falling for Kauai

In search of sun, Paul and I drove to the west side of the island. Picked up some poké and lihi mui pineapple for lunch at the famous Ishihara market in Waimea town, then headed up to Waimea Canyon. I’ve been told this place is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Since I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, I can honestly say it is more magnificent. Kind of like saying Delerium is just like Budlight – if you know beers you would sock who ever started that rumor in the face.
The steep valley walls, instead of sandstone and desert, are layered volcanic rock capped with tropical rainforest, and the result is eye-boggling. Waterfalls spill from the rim to the valley floor, thousands of feet below us. I’m looking out across miles and miles of canyons and thinking, there is no way I am on an island right now. I feel like I’m looking at the earths soul, it seems limitless. No words or photos can truly give justice to this large piece of land. I felt so fortunate to have seen it on such a clear day, because of its elevation (3,500ft), it is covered in vog or low cloud for a lot of the year.




It was cold and windy up there, so to warm up, we headed down the mountain and to Mahalapu beach on the south side, near Po’ipu . Stopping at the Spouting Horn before reaching the beach. Taking a rental car with no insurance there was a bold move on my end, the road is 4×4 and heavily rutted. Only bottomed out a couple times on the 5mile dirt road to the water. The sun and sand were perfect, but unfortunately an unwanted visitor made our stay a bit aggravating; wind plus sand – need I say more?




We picked up more ahi on our way back to Paul’s, we decided I was going to make Poisson Crüe again tonight because last nights meal was so good. (Yes I do realize I may die of mercury poisoning…)

Next day…
Sunday morning rain is falling, yes, yes it is. Got breakfast at Kilauea Bakery, artichoke bialy and olive tapenade again, but also got a cinnabon to satisfy my sweet tooth, and it’s freaking amazing. (I think they put crack in the icing.) High on life, Paul took me to Secrets. In the summer months it’s one long beach filled with surfers, suntanners and a lot of sandy asses. In winter it naturally changes and part of the sand washes away, leaving 3 separated beaches. Because of the on and off sprinkles, we had first beach to ourselves. Eventually rained out, we headed to another beach to check out the sun and surf.




Kalihiwai was much more what I was looking for. Constant Surfers running up and down the beach. I even got to see Bethany Hamilton ripping, she is incredible. Plus the sun was out. What I thought was gonna be a bust,this day turned into one of my favorite of the trip.



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