First few days in Fiji

I was honestly shocked when I bought my ticket to Fiji; I guess it had always been more of a fantasy destination, a couple’s retreat for a romantic getaway. But with my crossed meager expectations I ended up really falling in love with the place.

Joining my best friend and her family was bound to be interesting and awesome. I arrived a couple days before Lauren, (the bestie), so I had extra time to check out the possible party spots along with scoping out the best sand. My first full day on Denarau Island was pretty uneventful, but that’s kind of what island vacations are meant to be. Went into Nadi town with Lauren’s family searching for some good breakfast. We were staying at the WorldMark, which is a timeshare type resort, which didn’t have much food options. Nadi town didn’t have much food options either. Day 1 and I was already getting disappointed. Later on back on Denarau, (Denarau is a small island connected to Nadi by bridge and has the nicest resorts on it, Sofitel, Sheraton and so on.) The WorldMark was the last one on the block, which was nice because if you came out of the resort hit the water and turned left you had the rest of the beach to yourself. I ended up walking for a couple hours down the soft black sand without passing one other person. I eventually turned back when the sand became trees to thick to pass through. photo 1 photo 4photo 5 photo 5


On the second night I ate at a placed called Cardo’s, locally owned and grown, this place was legit. With fresh caught mahi-mahi fish and chips for $10, I fell in love at first bite. I met a guy named Che who worked here; his father was Cardo, of course. He was really cool and ended up being the best tour guide and friend I could have made in Fiji. Lauren arrived the next day and I told her I had found gold, aka, an awesome local who offered to show us around. We ate at Cardo’s that night, obviously. The next day Che took us to Natadola Beach. It was an absolute beautiful non-crowded long white sand beach. So secluded there was only one hotel on it, the Intercontinental, which was very expensive. I quickly discovered why this beach was so deserted, if you got hungry there was only one place to eat and it was pricy. After walking the length of the beach and declining horseback rides, which locals offered for very cheap we played on an emerging sand bar and laid 5photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5It was day 3, and I was starting to see the draw about Fiji, before this day I hadn’t been able to figure out why anyone from the states would travel all the way here when Hawaii is so much closer.

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  1. Joe

    I thought Fiji was a place you only talked about during the long winter months. I didn’t think anyone actually went there.

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