Snorkels and Sunsets

Had to wake up to an alarm clock today, weird. The whole crew was going on a sailing trip; Patty, Eddie, Frank, Magdalena, Lauren and I. Got to the Denarau Marina at 8:30am and discovered we didn’t need to be there till 9:30am, of course we rushed for nothing. We were taking the Coral Cat Cruise. The boat was a beautiful catamaran and had mesh netting in the front with large beanbags. Since we were the first group there we claimed the best spots to set up shop for our journey.

The first stop was snorkeling off Plantation Island; it took a little less than 2hrs to sail there. The water was unusually warm and the fish were spectacularly bright. The snorkeling was beautiful. Not better than the Philippines, but pretty damn close. After circling the reef we had anchored next to, we swam to the newly exposed sandbar. (Only comes out during low tide.) It was all so beautiful, I was the first person to reach the newly exposed sand like “S”, so I walked as far as I could and snapped away on my GoPro. It was overcast, and trying to determine where the horizontal line laid was merely impossible. If it wasn’t for the slight difference in texture you’d think the ocean and taken over the 1 photo 4 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO photo 5

We had lunch on Plantation Island at a place called Ananda’s, it was the classic buffet group lunch, all you can eat and the steak was really good. After getting stuffed Lauren and I taught some of the crew and people in our group how to play, Shit Head; The Best card game Ever. On our way back to the boat one of the crewmembers, Sireli, climbed a coconut tree and shook down a couple nuts along with gathering up some palm leaves. The Cat sailed out again to snorkel, this time off a different close reef. By this time a few more boats had shown up in the area with tour groups. A quick dip was made and we were on the move again. photo 2 photo 1 photo 3photo 2

During the sail back Sireli made bracelets for all the girls out of the coconut leaves he had gathered and then made Lauren and I special flowers for our hats. Before I knew it we were thanking the Coral Cat crew, Jona, Samu and, Sireli for the amazing time we had and witnessing the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever 4 photo 5

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