Gold Coast Recap

Here’s a little summery of my time in Byron, Surfers Paradise, and Tweeds Head. In no way does this give justice to their beauty and the amount of activities possibly to get into, but its the best I could do with all the distractions.

I wish I had written more in my journey from Sydney up to the Gold Coast. That I had elaborated about my first camel ride on a long white sand beach, or how I fell in love with a town that everyone warned me of. How Surfers Paradise is a spring break destination and that Tweeds Head had rows of perfect waves, along with the coolest and most perfect soul mates, Michelle and Darcy, that I’ve ever met. IMG_5147IMG_5170IMG_5298IMG_5343IMG_5332

For years before coming here I’ve been told that I was meant to live in Byron, it only took the drive in for me to know why that was, it’s the vibe. The relaxed streets filled with surfers and sun seekers. The boutique shops of boards and bikinis, this is my kind of lifestyle. I tried to eat at as many places as I could, of course with all the street distraction of guitar singers and men with no shirts on, I seemed to have forgotten to write any of the great food places down…There is a mexican joint with mean margaritas and a beautiful floral tiled wall. The beach there is great, crowded, but good crowded. Drum circles and woman braiding hair seem to be easily spotted here.IMG_5226IMG_5208IMG_5222IMG_5284

Took a trip up to the lighthouse as well, which had a spectacular view over Byron and over Tallow beach. The days all blended together, but I tried to spend most of my time in the water. Surfers Paradise and Tweeds head were the same. Beach days sprinkled with a random adventure here and there, (I did see my first wallaby out side of Tweeds Head.) The week slipped by like sand and before I knew it I was back in Byron heading to the Blues Festival.IMG_5251IMG_5282IMG_5314

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  1. Drew

    Great shots! Looks like an incredible place to visit.

  2. Wilhelm Braskatova

    How did you get so close to the kangaroos? Where they expecting food from you?

    1. tannedandtraveled

      I have no clue why they let me get so close, I had no food. Just lucky I guess 🙂

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