My name is Rochelle

I'm Rochelle Hathaway, my close friends call me Ro. 29 years old. Hawaii native, grew up between Hawaii and Las Vegas. Then sprinkle in 7 sparkly years in Los Angeles and now I'm back living on the islands as a corporate flight attendant.

Adventure and new experiences are what keep me alive. I’ve been lucky enough to venture across this great world. I’ve traveled to 6 continents, seen over 45 countries, and all I can think about is “where’s next?”

I love the unknown and embrace constant change.  I have backpacked, hosteled, stayed in 5 star resorts, couch surfed and slept on stranger’s floors.

I was told a few years ago that, “When you’re young, you travel to lose yourself, when you’re old, you travel to find yourself.” When I first heard that I agreed, but now, still being young, I don’t run off to another country to lose myself, I go to gain a little more perspective on what’s out there and who I really want to become. I also believe traveling isn’t just about the passport stamps (although I take much pride in mine), it’s about getting out of your house, your mind, and comfort zone. Walk, run, ride, take a train, boat, car, plane, do anything, and go anywhere that allows you to see something new and just breathe it in. I feel as if every new place I go, the universe feels bigger and more exquisite than ever before.