Rochelle's Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips that have either saved me a few bucks, helped me get home or brought a smile to my face

  1. When exchanging money make sure the teller counts it back to you over the counter, (Many places in Asia tellers are know from counting the money from one hand to another and then dropping a few bills behind the counter where you cant see.)
  2. Recount your money when you exchange it, and make sure to use the calculator to ensure they’re not ripping you off.
  3. Always stop at a local bakery.
  4. Try a new restaurant every night, don’t be a creature of habit when you have limited time somewhere.
  5. Try and use every type of public transportation the city you’re in offers.
  6. Support street performers if you have extra change in your pocket.
  7. Make sure all your luggage bags have  an address tag on them.
  8. Put an address tag on your camera incase you misplace it. (There are still good people in this world and I’ve had a friend get her camera mailed back to her, which she had left at a park. It had 500 photos of her trip to Italy.)
  9. Double check your luggage tags have your final destination on them when flying.
  10. Go to a local cafe, not Starbucks.
  11. When traveling by bus and all the bags are getting tied on to the roof, watch them tie yours on and even check to make sure its secure yourself. I don’t know the number of bags that fall off the roof of public busses every year, but its astronomical. Better safe than sorry.
  12. When shopping at any type of market all prices are negotiable.
  13. Pack snacks, my favorite is Monster trail mix by Archer Farms
  14. Remember most check ins aren’t till 2 or 3pm so take that into consideration when booking a flight, nothings worse than traveling for 24hrs and then getting to your hotel and not being able to check in for a few hours.